Liebherr car park in superior concrete finish

Project:  Parking house for the Liebherr Plant Kirchdorf, Germany

Contractor (and Architects):  Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart branch, Komplettbau, Ulm/Neu-Ulm branch

Developer:  Liebherr Hydraulikbagger GmbH, Kirchdorf

MEVA Systems: Mammut 350 wall formwork on foldable working scaffold KAB 190

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Stuttgart branch, Germany



Can't get much faster: Liebherr car park in superior concrete finish

Lieberr‘s plant for hydraulic shovel excavators in Kirchdorf, Germany, is being extended by building a new parking garage.

The parking decks made of prefabricated concrete slabs are supported by a steel frame construction. Two cores for the elevator and stairwell also serve as reinforcement for the entire structure. The were built in concrete, high demands being placed on the concrete finish because they remain as is after the pour. MEVA‘s Mammut 350 wall panels with the all-plactis facing alkus were mounted on foldable KAB working scaffolds that served as climbing units. The formwork delivered the finish required from the first pour to the last, much to the satisfaction of the supervisor and the building owner. Close consultation between the site and MEVA engineers in Stuttgart enabled the tight time schedule to be met.

Contractor Züblin AG completed a vertical lift and pour in just 3 ½days.

"You can’t get much faster than that”,
says project manager Hans-Jürgen Graf, supervisor Martin Schneider and site foreman Markus Diebold uninamously.

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