Museum of Transport in Lucerne

Project: Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne with a temporary sailing pool, filled with 1,260 m³ litre of water.

Contractor (and Architects): Verkehrshaus Luzern

MEVA Systems: AluStar

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme AG, Seon



Meeting of Champions in the Swiss

The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne is staging a special exhibition entitled “The Sailing Nation Switzerland” from April to October 2014. MEVA AluStar panels are on stage to shape Europe’s largest sailing pool directly in front of the original racing yacht Alinghi SUI 100, which was the first European boat ever to win the coveted America Cup.

The Swiss Museum of Transport is not only the largest and most popular in Switzerland, counting around 725,000 visitors from all over the world every year. It is also a showcase and event location for the European transport and communication industries. One of the highlights in 2014 is an exhibition entitled “Sailing Nation Switzerland”, whose main attraction is the original racing yacht Alinghi SUI 100. The boat made of carbon was actually built in Switzerland and wrote sailing history when it became the first European yacht to win the coveted America Cup in 2003. It defended the title again with Ernesto Bertarelli at the helm in 2007 in Valencia.

Sailing pool set up with AluStar wall formwork panels
Another attraction will be Europe’s largest sailing pool. The basin will comprise an edge construction with MEVA AluStar wall formwork panels set up horizontally, 90 cm high and 270 cm long. When filled with water, the pool edge will stand up to the pressure of 1,260 m³ of water. The panels feature a 100 % woodfree panel which, unlike the plywood normally used, is immune to weather influences. The closed hollow aluminium frame profile guarantees the stability, so that the organisers opted for the MEVA solution for the entire duration of the outdoor exhibition.

Weight-Performance in formwork, just like the Alinghi SUI 100 at sea
The meeting of champions refers to the winning results achieved with the least possible weight – at sea and in formwork. Indeed, the America cup champion yacht Alinghi and AluStar panels are both best in class when it comes to the relationship between weight and performance. And with formwork, used to pour concrete, performance is expressed in KiloNewton per m² fresh concrete pressure. AluStar panels, which are set up by hand thanks to their low weight, achieve a considerable 60 kN/m². This allows you to pour concrete at any speed to the panel height. Though not used to pour concrete here, the AluStar panels do have to withstand both pressure and weather influence – impossible with the plywood facing conventionally used in formwork.

Aluminium formwork AluStar: The leading hand-set system
During its normal working day, AluStar is the leading, craneindependent, handset wall formwork system in commercial, industrial and residential construction. The panels are joined and aligned with the MEVA clamp, which is closed with only a few hammer blows. The panel’s allplastic facing delivers a superior concrete finish from the first pour to the last.

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