Architectural concrete finish with
all-plastic facing alkus

Project: Christian-Wagner Library in Rutesheim, Germany, with highest demands on concrete finish quality. No horizontal joint for the 3.46 m pours, symmetric tie-hole and joint panel.

Concrete contractor: Gottlob Stäbler GmbH & Co.KG, Weil der Stadt

MEVA Systems: Mammut 350, alkus all-plastic facing, alkus repair set for removing blemishes on the facing sheet on site 

Formwork engineering: MEVA Stuttgart



Architectural concrete finish on Library in Rutesheim: alkus all-plastic facing achieves desired result

Bei Architect's place high demand on concrete finish 
Contractor Gottlob Stäbler won the tender to build a new library in Rutesheim, a small town near Stuttgart. The architects stipulated exceptional demands on the concrete finish. This prohibited the use of standard formwork with plywood or plastic-coated facing. In consequence, Stäbler called on MEVA representatives to consult on the engineering and the best formwork solution. The first task was to ensure 3.46 m pours could be completed in a single pour and without a horizontal joint. The Mammut 250 wall formwork system matched these requirements best, since its panel 3.50 high and 2.50 wide would need to extension. In additions, the architects approved of the panel's harmonious, symmetrical tie-hole and joint pattern, incorporating the imprint in their design plans. The site team was able to rely on the Mammut 350's high concrete load capacity of 100 kN/m², allowing them to pour at any speed up to a height of 4 m. This proved essential in meeting the high finish requirements.

The alkus all-plastic facing in the Mammut 350 panels: The best choice

Since the year 2000, when it was first introduced by MEVA, the all-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing alkus has earned itself a spotless track record in achieving superior concrete finish, first time, every time. As a standard feature in all MEVA formwork systems since 2004, this ability to deliver a smooth, harmonious and continuous concrete surface even after hundreds of pours has become one of its greatest assets. 

Excellent skills and good craftsmanship help reach the goal

Supervisor Leukert and his team took great care in handling, setting up, preparing and stripping the formwork for each pour. "You cannot bake a good cake with dirty tools, and the same is true of formwork: It has to be spotlessly clean if you want a smooth concrete finish."  This meant that each panel was cleaned before each pour, which worked quickly and reliably using both high-pressure washer and rotation cleaner supplied by MEVA. "The time we needed for cleaning was saved by not needing to apply release agant. It was sufficient to give the panels just a touch after every second or third pour!"

In addition, the foreman decided to use sealing strips between the panels, reducing concrete bleed to an invisible minimum. Surface blemishes caused by nailing box outs to the facing were repaired immediately on site, so as to have a perfect facing surface ready for the next pour without delay. Even filler and compensation areas were supplied in alkus panels, which made the concrete finish perfect as desired and without compromise. 

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