Neubau der Rathaus-Galerie in schwer zugänglicher Innenstadtlage, Hagen

Project: New shopping mall in industrial city of Hagen, germany

Contractor: Oevermann Hochbau GmbH, NL Gutersloh

Developer: GNO Grundstücksverwaltung GmbH & Co. Objekt Elf KG, Grünwald

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork EcoAS, StarTec and Mammut 350, slab formwork MevaFlex, column formwork CaroFalt

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Germany



Contractor Oevermann building New Mall in Hagen, Germany

Safety Controlled from "Airport Tower"

Safety from the “Airport Tower” 

The Rathaus-Galerie (town hall mall) is the largest construction site in the German industrial city of Hagen and designed to become its new landmark. Visiting project manager Helmut Mark and his supervisor colleague Michael Feismann in their on-site office is like entering an airport control tower. Both may be seen monitoring their screens with their hands on the dashboard and their cell phones clamped behind their ears, their eyes dashing from one large building plan to the next. But rather than guiding jets to land or take-off, they control a highly complex building process in the middle of a bustling metropolis, with businesses, shops and traffic around them running as usual. 

A single ramp provides access to the site

It is the only way material and gear can be delivered – a minute by minute task requiring concentration and nerves made of steel. The parking garage with space for 400 vehicles is being built simultaneously with the shopping centre next door; the escalators were installed ahead of time in order to build columns and walls around them. Building, excavation and demolition works overlap and have to be coordinated alongside each other. Pouring in process in the front while the rear part is being demolished. Logistics and multi-tasking are the magic words. Schedules must be cleared with the municipality. And you need a clear head when working with plans that are altered frequently. “We’ve reached version Q!“, says Feismann. Apart from his role as coordinator, he has to ensure strict safety and quality standards. „We’re fortunate that support from MEVA works so well, says Michael Feismann, hurrying back to his “tower”. The next truck is fighting its way toward the site.

  • MEVA Kompetenz & Referenzen

    MEVA Kompetenz & Referenzen

    Referenzen zu Projekten im Wirtschafts- und Wohnungsbau, Hochhausbau, Architekturbau und Ingenieurbau

  • Anspruchsvolle Geometrie im Tunnel

    Anspruchsvolle Geometrie im Tunnel

    MEVA STB 450 bietet flexible Lösung bei schmalem und schrägem Streckenverlauf: Nahe der Gemeinde Gretzenbach teilt sich die ansonsten vierspurige Bahntrasse auf. Die südlichen zwei Gleise senken sich dort langsam ab und führen unter der Kantonsstrasse hindurch in den neuen Eppenbergtunnel.

  • Balanceakt zwischen Kreativität und technisch Machbarem

    Balanceakt zwischen Kreativität und technisch Machbarem

    Komplexe Geometrien und hohe Anforderungen stellen die Abteilung Sonderkonstruktion bei MEVA immer wieder vor spannende Aufgaben – wie bei einer Kirchensanierung im oberbayerischen Dorf Hebertshausen.

  • Gelungener Auftakt: Fischaufstiege

    Gelungener Auftakt: Fischaufstiege

    Die erste Kooperation zwischen MEVA und der österreichischen GLS steht im Zeichen des Naturschutzes: An der Traun entstehen zwei Fischaufstiege

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