Modular formwork carriage on new German high-speed railway line

Project: Tunnel entries on the Nuremberg-Berlin ICE high-speed railway line

Developer: Deutsche Bahn AG (German railways)

Contractor (and Architects): Wayss&Freytag, Bilfinger Berger, Max Bögl, Marti Tunnelbau AG and Marti Deutschland GmbH. All of them located in Germany.

MEVA Systems: modular formwork carriage

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Munich branch



4 ½ Weeks of Assembly Time Saved

Modular formwork carriage on new German high-speed railway line

The new high-speed railway line requires some 25 tunnels on its way from Nuremberg to Berlin. The entries of several tunnels were poured using a modular formwork solution that MEVA designed and built for fast and multiple use in the mountainous terrain. 

Thanks to its modular construction, the formwork carriage was fast to set up, disassemble and adapt to varying needs. It took no more than a low platform trailer to transport it from one tunnel to the next. The modular, mobile construction had 2 rolled-steel joists, with steel profiles crossways on the top. The lateral formwork parts were foldable. The entire tunnel formwork construction was placed on lowering wedges and equipped with wheels for easy movement. Pouring was done through filling nozzles.

Easy and fast transport saving much time, work and money
The modules were delivered ready to use and were quick to assemble on the construction site and disassemble for transport to the next site. Being less than 3 metres wide and only 12,60 metres long, they fit on a low platform trailer without problems. Transport and assembly work was so fast that one and a half weeks were saved for the three tunnel entries that were poured after the first one, a saving of almost 4.5 weeks. Two contractors involved in building railway tunnels 100 km further south were so impressed by the time-saving solution and easy transport, they ordered the MEVA carriage for their own sites.
Thus, the cleverly engineered solution helped 4 additional tunnel projects to move along faster and more cost-effectively. Only the lateral parts of the formwork carriage had to be adapted to the differently sized tunnel entries. 

No plywood but all-plastic facing
Once the plywood had been used for 7 months, it was spent. In order to deliver a good concrete surface for
the following projects, 6 mm alkus sheets were laid onto the plywood and screwed on. They have an unlimited lifespan, can be bent to various forms and deliver a superior concrete finish with every pour. 

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