Construction of 4 city condominiums and one city villa with parking garage and pool on the banks of the river Rhine

Consortium: ARGE Rheinufer Süd with contractors A. Altenbach GmbH & Cie., Heidelberg and Streib GmbH & Co. KG., Mannheim

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork Mammut 350, Slab formwork MevaFlex, Shoring tower MEP, Foldable working platform BKB, Light working platform LAB 130

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Stuttgart branch



Saving time and money on condominium project on the banks of the river Rhine

Coming to Grips with Complexity

The German city of Ludwigshafen is developing its profile for luxury urban living. Five exclusive 6-storey town houses, all with parking basements and pool are set to become a new landmark on the banks of the Rhine.

MEVA’s Mammut 350 wall formwork

system was used to complete the room heights ranging from 2.50 m to 3.10 m in a single pour. Foldable working platforms BKB were attached to the wall panels and proved a fast, cost-effective method of providing worker safety.

Two of the outer walls have rounded geometries. To build them, special wooden formwork was designed, produced and delivered as a complete unit, allowing the tightly scheduled work flow to continue without a hitch. The methods also saved labour.

Cantilevering balkonies

The ambitious architecture relies on floating balkonies with varyingly rounded layouts protruding irregularly from the main building for effect. They needed to be supported in a safe an economic manner. Standard MEP props were joined to form very stable, large shoring towers 170 cm x 170 cm, quickly and easily assembled, set up and moved on site from one pour to the next.

The towers carried the conventional girders and plywood sheet of the MevaFlex slab formwork. Moving the towers required only a single crane lift without time-consuming dismantling and re-assembly. Site foreman and project management were pleased with the fast work flow and cost-effective, labour saving result. This was achieved thanks to the large blueprint of the shoring towers, making large forming areas easy to set up and combine.

Safety and labour saving

The walls on the levels combine in situ concrete and masonry. To comply with strict safety specifications, the site employed light working platforms LAB. The platforms are delivered to the site pre-assembled and are easy and fast to set up. Guard railing with protective steel mesh and railing extensions used as safety-catch scaffold ensure worker protection while slip-proof aluminium sheet makes walking on them secure. The compensation platform closes gaps up to 200 cm. No additional safety net is required. Crescent-shaped corner platforms cover all right- and obtuseangled corners to adapt to any building layout.

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    Competencias y Referencias MEVA

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  • Losas: 4 semanas antes de lo previsto

    Losas: 4 semanas antes de lo previsto

    En el borde interior de la mesa habían 5 cm que no estaban cubiertos con cara de contacto. De este modo se logró sin mucho esfuerzo la transición al encofrado para losas MevaFlex en el interior de la torre.

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